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Much like the Internet was in its infancy, blockchain isn’t something we should be afraid of. In fact, until now, it has been misunderstood. The possible applications are so vast however, that blockchain is now recognized as being revolutionary for every aspect of our digital lives.

To simplify this Web3.0 solution, imagine an endless spreadsheet. Rather than saving this spreadsheet on your own computer, it is decentralized and encrypted on many computers across a vast network. Not only does this make your information secure by having it infinitely backed-up, but no one has the ability to corrupt or access the data without your personal key.

Not only does Bitswift blockchain embody these secure and stable attributes, but it has been running since 2014, an eternity when it comes to technology. Focused on business applications, Bitswift comes with a community and support network of tech pros that have been working with the blockchain since its inception. Bitswift is more than just a transaction. Bitswift is the future, with significant technological implications for accounting, health, governance, supply chain management, and much more.

Bitswift packs support and integration options for all of your application requirements.

What’s new

Recent updates and new features

Bitswift comes equipped with a powerful integration tool (API) that is ready for your applications. Bitswift blockchain scales, it is versatile, lightweight and secure, making ideal foundations for your distributed applications.


Commodity tokens

A secure transactional system designed to be unbreakable and transparent.

Benefits include:

  • Secure Digital Assets
  • Custom Crypto currencies
  • P2P Economy
  • Rewards Programs
  • Crowd funding
  • Micro Transactions
  • Smart Transactions
  • New Business Models 


Record keeping

An autonomous and unbreakable record keeping system.

Benefits include:

  • Record Systems
  • Unquestionable auditing
  • Laws Registration
  • Property ownership
  • Supply chain management
  • Product tracking
  • Internet of things
  • Data verifications
  • Global copyright systems



With clear and open communication, your governance cannot be compromised.

Benefits include:

  • Immutable, transparent voting processes
  • Secure and accessible distributed voting
  • Decentralized Governance
  • Real time community feedback systems
  • Autonomous decision making


DISTRIBUTED Domain name service(DNS)

Business communications made secure and simple.

Benefits include:

  • Digital identities
  • Transferable digital aliases
  • No central authorities
  • No points of failure
  • Permanent links to  digital objects
  • Public resource locators

Public. Transparent. Smart.

Bitswift Blockchain

Blockchain for 

The Bitswift blockchain enables new business models and empowers existing ones.

Bitswift is secure and stable with a 4 year track record of continuous up time, availability, and community building. All of these attributes are backed by an experience and ever-expanding distributed support team.

We created our own blockchain company to support others interface and integrate into a token economy. We have experts on our team to help integrate your apps into Web3.0.

A distributed ledger backed by a distributed team of technology professionals who are here to help, support, educate, and integrate.

Bitswift is at the leading edge of applying blockchain technology to everyday business use.

Bitswift – Blockchain for every business


  • Accessible patient records


  • Track objects

Real Estate

  • Property registration


  • Accessible voting


  • Digital notary


  • Vehicle registration

Document verification

  • Secure communications

Digital Media

  • Proof of existence

New Business Models

  • Micro transactions

Retail Sales

  • P2P payments

Leading by way of example:

Check out our powerful apps which showcase the Bitswift blockchain functions and features.

Bitswift for all your business applications.


Bitswift is building a dedicated Ardor forging pool for anyone to participate. Bitswift leverages digital resources to ensure application feasibility within Bitswift ecosystem.

BITSWIFT.cash (in progress)

Bitswift.cash offers a gateway from CAD to Bitswift making the ecosystem easily accessible .

DIGITAL COPYRIGHT: (in progress)

Bitswift is building a global digital copyright system to showcase how the Bitswift blockchain may be utilized for transparency purposes while proving immutable ownership
of digital data.


Bitswift is building secure mobile applications which leave the user in control of their privacy and personal information.


Bitswift is constantly evolving and we are always looking at ways we can add value to the Bitswift ecosystem.

Expect more exciting and useful apps from
the Bitswift team!

Bitswift consistently positions itself ahead by strategically associating with some of the best in business:

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